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Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 COTH Picnic

Sat, Jun 14, was a fun night! We gathered at Church on the Hill (COTH) and had a picnic right on the grounds. As the pics will show, we are blessed to have abundant space around the church to play in.

Thank you to the following people for this night wouldn't have been as great if not for their work:
Rhonda & Theresa - The organizers
Scott (left) and Diane - The cooks (BBQ) (Scott also gave his testimony later at the fireside)
Dennis & Doris - The kitchen
Celine - The farm fresh eggs

This blog entry is now complete. Did I forget anyone?

The Golf Ball Toss

(Throw a ball to the line and closest wins)


The Bubble Blowing Contest

This was hard to take photos of! I kept hearing grunting noises as kids tried to get my attention for proof of their bubble. I tried to include as many kids that tried as I could here:

These photos are not necessarily in order.


Horseshoe Pitch - What form! What Style!

Now that's how you do it!


The Egg Toss


'Captured' Photos:

Ssssssshhhhhh -------------------------------------- Self-Portraits in Chalk


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