Welcome to Church on the Hill, Glenavon, Sask, Canada

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Men's Breakfast Outreach

Thank you to all the men who took part in the Men's Breakfast.

Pastor Lorne said he got to the church by 6 am and Maurice and Allen were already making breakfast. After the meal, Darryl Hawbolt gave a good message based on his experiences and faith. Pastor Lorne saw two men who'd never been in the church before and he said he recognized two more who had attended the Men's Breakfast last Nov.

It shows the Men's Breakfast is a good outreach program for the church.

On Sunday I listened to the men talk about the event and from their laughter, they seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good-bye Wes and Lori

On Easter Sunday, Lori led worship for the final time. She was accompanied by her daughter, Cara.

As the congregation said good-bye, Pastor Lorne said he was always blessed by Wes's attitude. Pastor Lorne said he wants Wes and Lori to know we’ll always remember them and they’re not that far away. After 28 yrs, Lori said it’s exciting to move but they’re losing their (church) family. However, they feel God is placing them in other people’s lives who need them. Wes and Lori invited everyone to visit them in Fort Qu’Appelle.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The White Robe: In Africa Purity is Life

Last week, David and Nancy Seiling of Seeds International brought a multimedia drama to Church on the Hill.

The drama is entitled The White Robe: In Africa Purity is Life and was filmed for the most part in Zambia. The set consisted of a wide rear-projection screen with a smaller screen on the left panel. The set took up the complete width of the church dais.

The set is a beautiful interaction between the screen and live actors, such as this wedding scene of Chris (Jeremy Parks) and Stacey (Madeline Williams), young missionaries on the verge of their life together.

In another scene, Chris and Stacey are carrying suitcases and skip across the stage with a lake on the screen as if they’re hopping across on rocks. At one point, Chris slips and water splashes up on the screen at the same time we hear a splash. The time was perfect and believable.

The focus of the story is on a young orphan named Mabruke whom Chris takes under his wing. Mabruke has his eye on Grace and wants to stay pure for her. But as a young virgin, Grace lives in jeopardy.

The story may be fiction but it’s based on reality. In Africa, rape is a fact of life. Purity is life. Seedlings Int’l teaches how to stay pure until marriage.

David Seiling said the next 3 yrs is very important to the Seedlings organization. They (Africans) will remember what you have done. And it’s going to change their country forever.

The school used in the drama is an actual school - Ibex Hill Community School in which kids receive backpacks ‘Seed Bags’ of school supplies provided by Seeds International.

A monthly gift really keeps Seedlings going. They currently serve 550 schools worldwide with 640 schools targeted in 2010.

Grade 4 kids attending these schools each receive a Seed Bag which contains the Seedlings book where they learn about Christ, a Canadian Bible Society New Testament, pencil crayons and a small toy. This Seedlings book is an accepted part of their curriculum.

These public schools sometimes have non-Christian teachers and because the Seedlings book is part of the curriculum, these teachers are learning about Christ in the same way the kids are. Seedlings International has reports of teachers coming to Christ in this way.

If you would like to see how you can help, please check out the Seedlings International website.