Welcome to Church on the Hill, Glenavon, Sask, Canada

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Visit with Wendy

On Sunday, March 11, we were blessed to have Montreal native, Wendy Farha, as our guest speaker during Morning Worship, as well as presenter of a comedic session of laughter, song and testimony in the afternoon. The doors were open and anyone in the community who wished to attend joined us.

Wendy is a woman of many talents and faces. Her timing is impeccable. We laughed at classic jokes spoken with a deadpan expression, and jokes of life's circumstances that seemed so real, yet we were never quite sure if they were fact or fiction until she told us.

Some of the Many Faces of Wendy Farha, March 2018. Church on the hill, Glenavon, SK

And we cried as she gave her testimony and spoke of her courageous journey through clinical depression and breast cancer. It's hard to explain how we can laugh at such circumstances, but if you saw Wendy in action, you'd understand.

Wendy writes her songs with a heart of compassion that we see in the artistic touch of her guitar picking and hear in her strong, clear voice. Songs that caress the soul, leaving you with an assurance that all is in God's plan.

Wendy Farha, March 2018. Church on the Hill, Glenavon, SK

I'm not sure if this happens in every venue or if Wendy recognized our guys for the good sports that they were, but even the guys got into the act of giving the gift of laughter.

Wendy will be touring here in the West for the next couple of months, so if  you want to be blessed by her comedy, testimony, and songs, you can reach her online at the following:

Website - www.wendy.ca

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wendy.farha