Welcome to Church on the Hill, Glenavon, Sask, Canada

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Remembering Kathy

This scripture pic has been created with Kathy Shishkowski in mind. Our church banners are a legacy from Kathy, a woman who blessed us with her presence, sharp wit, and love of church and family.

Church on the Hill, Glenavon, May 2013

Kathy crafted the church banners as a time of devotion and conversation with the Lord while working through personal issues.

Church on the Hill, Glenavon, Christmas 2009

Kathy has recently departed this earth and although we mourn her passing, we believe she is in heaven, a place without pain and suffering.

Church on the Hill, Glenavon, February 2009

Kathy will always be remembered in the hearts and thoughts of those who knew and loved her.

Here at Church on the Hill in Glenavon, our memories of Kathy are further aided by the banners she left behind.

More of Kathy's hand-crafted banners can be seen at Church on the Hill in Glenavon. 

Contact us for information.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

This Sunday we honour mothers everywhere...
those who have been blessed with a child...
those who wanted a child but it didn't work out...
and those who lost their child along the way. 

Only God knows a mother's heart and understands her reasoning. 

Only God can heal a hurting mother's heart.

Only God can heal a hurting child's heart.

If you are at odds with your mother or child, take this time to seek understanding, peace, and perhaps even forgiveness...
for tomorrow it may be too late.