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Saturday, June 7, 2008

40th Blog Entry Error

I need to admit to an error in the last blog entry about the 40th anniversary of COTH.

The 1st para reads ‘In May of 1968, the foundation of our church was laid with the gathering of 4 people: Pastor Lorne and his wife Dianne, Rose, and her son, Dennis.’
It has been pointed out that those 4 people mentioned above are all that’s left of the original members that started Church on the Hill.

40 years ago when our church began, the actual members of the congregation were:

Bill and Jean Abramczek and family
Lillian Barber
Andrew and Mary Bonk
Joe and Rose Borowski and family
Andrew McDonald
Jennie McDonald
Wilbur and Mary Mortimer

I am so very thankful that they followed God’s call to form this church that my family and I attend. When we moved to our present location and had a choice of churches to pick from, God led us to Church on the Hill, Glenavon. Although it’s about 40 km (25 miles) to church, we were welcomed there by the friendly people with a deep love for God and His Son and it’s what keeps us returning.



Anonymous said...

After reading 40th blog entry error it to reminded me of the different churches we attended all of which were excellent during our search but it was through a family member whom caught wind of COTH in Glenavon, it seemed at the time it was in the wrong direction for us as far as travelling goes with living in Odessa it seemedto make more sense to look for a church in our area or closer to the city where we could also visit family and have our choice of restaurants after service. well to make a long story short guess which one we choose our precious little Church on the Hill, I am choked up even just talking about it. It is our home away from home with an awesome family and leadership who are always there for us in good times and not so good times, it amazes me when I miss a service for some reason or other that my heart for the next service the whhole week long for the message and fellowship and yyou know what there has 99% of the time a good place eat with great fellowship after the service too.Praise God he knows where we belong if we let him lead us and I say this for a reason being we had left COTH for a short time for very personal reasons and nothing to serious and low and behold the Lord took us back to where we trully know we belong.Thankyou Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

I should have spell checked my previous message on COTH regarding our search for a church/via Odessa so I do apolize to all readers.