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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congratulations Jacob and Justin

Congratulations going out to

Jacob and Justin

of the Church on the Hill Youth Group (COTHY)
on the event of their Graduation

Rumour has it that
Jacob is seeking post-secondary education
Justin pursues an acting career in the entertainment industry.

Woo hoo!  Good job, guys!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pastor Lorne & Dianne's Ministry

During the celebration for Pastor Lorne's 50th year in Ministry, Dianne displayed a map of all the places Pastor Lorne's ministry has taken them. This map is displayed in the church foyer:

Click for larger view

For a list of the places shown on the map as well as the story of Pastor Lorne's ministry journey - as told by Dianne - please look at Pastor Lorne's blog page in the right column titled About Pastor Lorne.

Did you know we have have our own YouTube Channel?

Here's the newest video:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pastor Lorne Celebrates 50 Years in Ministry

On May 29th, the Church on the Hill congregation as well as several guests celebrated Pastor Lorne's 50th year in ministry. Dianne read out the tributes sent to honour this special day. They are listed on a new blog page listed under the Prayer Needs and Praise Report pages in the right hand column.

Pastor Lorne's family shared his special day:

Pastor Lorne and Dianne in the middle
back row Left - Noelle
back row right - Steven and Candace
front - Emma

I had more videos of the day but they aren't available due to technical difficulties. :(

Congratulations Pastor Lorne. You're doing a fine job in the His name.