Welcome to Church on the Hill, Glenavon, Sask, Canada

Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Graduation Service

On June 2 we'll celebrate the achievement of this year's high school graduates: 

                      Brooklin, Kate, Nick, and Nastassja

This is your chance to offer a memory of their Christian walk as well as pray over them as they advance to the next stage of their journey. 

A delicious Pot Blessing will follow the service.

You're welcome to check out the quilts in the foyer, one specially made for each graduate so they know they are loved and remembered in prayer every night and each morning. 


bbremnes said...

A QUILT sounds like a wonderful, personal and excellent grad gift !!!

Kate's mom said...

Kate loves her quilt and has been on her bed since it came home!!! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!! Bless the hands that made it!