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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Dessert Fundraiser a Success!

Holly-Lee Lambert drove 4 hrs from Westbourne, MB to sing her country gospel songs for us on Friday night. Wonderful love songs entertained the 60 or so adults and youth gathered in the Church on the Hill basement.
The Annual Dessert Auction is the main fundraiser for the Youth Group. Already this year, the youth are asking to go out on mission trips like Street Invaders to work with troubled youth on the streets.

Youth leader Noelle said this year, area merchants stepped forward to support the fundraiser without even being asked. Donations included:
- Solar Light Set by Sluser's Garage
- Bath Beauty Set by Fairmont Farms
- Afghan made and donated by Rose Pollock
- Valentine Snack Bowl Gift Basket by Perras Family Foods
- Original Painted Rock made and donated by Celine Giroux
- 2 x Free Brunch Gift Certificates from Charlotte at the Glenavon Bakery

With the teens in charge of the night's entertainment, they invited 5 couples to play a fun game of 'Tell Your Mate How to Find Your Shoe'. The wives were directed to politely tell their blindfolded husbands where to find their shoes in the pile. Once the hubby had the shoes in hand and still with their blindfolds on, the hubbies had to put the footwear on their feet. This was a very entertaining game. I believe Erin and Ben won the prize for this game.

Kevin Lackey drove up from Weyburn just to be our volunteer auctioneer for the evening. The first thing he did was pick Pastor Lorne as his ring man. His next thing was to instruct Pastor Lorne how to be one.

With youth member Samantha's help, Kevin started the auction with the donations from the local businesses.

Youth member Jessie displays a Chocolate Mint Torte.

Youth member Nicholas has bid and won some cupcakes. Now he just wants to dream about them.

Rose made and donated this warm afghan.

The highest bid of the night ($130) went for this tray of Chocolate Cream Puffs. (below)

25 items were donated to this year's Dessert Auction. Total money raised for the Youth Group was $1600.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in even the smallest way to the success of this night.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who contributed desserts and then bought them back! It was a fun night. God bless all of you for helping the youth reach their goal of doing Street Invaders ministry this summer.