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Thursday, June 17, 2010

COTHY Fundraisers

In just over a month, 3 members of Church on the Hill Youth group (COTHY) will be heading off on their Street Invaders' mission trips:

Jason - Alberta/Saskatchwan Children's Camp

Nick - Australia trip

Samantha - Australian trip

COTHY has been working hard fundraising for these trips. A couple weeks ago, they hosted an after church lunch which was very well received:

(L to R) Nick, Noelle (Youth Leader), Jason, and Samantha

A new item this year are the Cookie Mixes. All the dry ingredients for the Cookies come in a quart size jar. A gift tag listing the non-dry ingredients and the instructions is included. These jars can be custom-made.

Detailed info on the Cross necklaces and keychains are located here.

Please contact Noelle or any member of COTHY if you are interested in any of these items. Or you could email.

COTHY appreciates your support. Thank you.

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