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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robin Speaks About Circle Square Ranch

On Sunday, Feb 7, Robin Exner took the pulpit for Pastor Lorne who was away with Dianne at the Annual Business Meeting.

Robin is Director (and Sheriff) of the nearby Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek (CSR) which hosted over 580 ranchers this past summer. That's a lot of kids, food and toilet paper!

In the photo, Robin is holding up the Fact Sheet he brought to share with everyone. They are available at the church and from the ranch to anyone who wishes to know what went on last year. I won't give out all the details but I'll point out a few things:

-The 'Director's house’ project is finished and the Exner family moved in Feb 09. They are happy there.

- The pole barn construction began in October. Work will progress as weather cooperates. It is located where the BMX track used to be.

- The new bridge starts at the beach and crosses the pond to the new BMX track. Both just need finishing touches and were in use last summer.

- Some generous staff alumni donated funds for a BLOB and tower structure. In my words, here’s the best way to explain it...

You put a life preserver on and climb a high wooden tower to stand in line. Every few minutes, you hear splat, a roar, and a splash. You move forward, trying to peek around the other kids until finally you’re in the front. Below you is an 8’x40’ air bag called a BLOB. You can’t jump yet though because another kid is crawling the length of it to the end while another kid swims to shore. The Counselor gives you the go ahead and you jump – waaaaaay down – and land with a splat on the BLOB. You hear a roar from the crowd and the kid at the end in front of you goes flying through the air. He splashes in the pond while you crawl across the floating BLOB until you reach the end. You hear a splat and before you know it, you’re airborne! Sometimes 12 feet in the air if conditions are right. You land in the water with a loud splash and swim to the beach. What a ride!

Robin says he's tried the BLOB and it's 'quite a ride'.

Staff Changes:

– Ben and Erin have moved to a cattle ranch in central Sask but keep in contact via Facebook

- David and Vanessa Mehrer have moved into the upstairs suite. David is the Operations Manager and Vanessa is in charge of Food Services.

- on-line registration is a convenience for parents and is speeding the process for ranch admin.

Robin said the Ranch was blessed with numerous donations of equipment, feed, manpower and cash. This includes the use of canoe equipment rented from Wolseley High School at a reduced rate and the borrowing of much-needed horses from local farms and ranches.

The Fact Sheet include stats about the ranchers, and staff including LIT’s (Leaders in Training).

Robin said prayer support was evident through the year and they could sense a special ‘camp anointing’ which greatly helped them with their physical, mental and spiritual tasks.


Robin would like everyone to remember CSR in their daily praper, specifically for:

- Crossroads and the ranches

- CSR’s charitable status situation (gov’t sees them as a sports resort)

- God’s grace and protection over CSR, their ranchers and staff

- closure of the BC ranch and possibly others (not Wolf Creek)

- the children’s ministry (spiritual warfare against the enemy)

Needs for the 2010 Ranch season include:

- new staff – they need good solid young people

- more adults in housekeeping, kitchen, horse program, maintanenance and a nurse, That way they can leave the young people for the actual programs

- cooks to work a week or two and leave Vanessa as the overall manager to keep things rolling and as occasional help

- local farmers or workmen who can help with maintenance

Robin says they’ll accept volunteer works for a day, a week or the summer.

If you'd like to contact Robin, check out the website at http://csranch.ca/wolfcreek/ or email me and I'll pass it on.

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