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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mini stories from Sunday

I'm working on Sunday's message but in the meantime, here's two short stories of other things that happened on Sunday.

Every Sunday, I carry my little typing table to church and set it up in the last row so I can take down the message. Well, this Sunday, I reached for my table and at the last minute I backed away. I remembered a computer desk sitting in the alcove behind the window where we usually sit. The desk was facing the wrong way, but I thought if I sat at it and someone from the congregation saw my back, maybe they’d offer to move things around so I could sit in front of the window while I typed. So, I left my table at home…and stood stunned when I walked into the foyer and saw the desk already in front of the window and the alcove had been enclosed with a wall and door. Wow! Thank you, God. Oh – and Maurice who is leading the work of building a sound room. What a delightful surprise.

With her charming Australian accent, Ashlee gave a report on the youth retreat she and other members attended on Sat. They headed up to the Strasbourg Bible camp and came back quite late. Ashlee said the session was an awesome testimony to what is happening with the youth. She said she saw young 12 and 13 yr olds touched by the words and music, raising their hands in worship. It was really encouraging. Ashlee also said God has been watching out for her and she’s blessed to be able to stay at Pastor Lorne and Dianne’s place. When she left Australia, she didn’t think she was coming here to meet with God, but He’s been showing her stuff and getting closer to her.
Thank you for sharing, Ashlee.

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