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Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 Testimonies

Pastor Lorne asked if anyone had a testimony on Sunday morning and the following people responded to his call:

- Lorette – She awoke this morning and realized it’s been 5 yrs since they started attending this church. She thanked God for calling Richard to come to this church because it made such a difference in their lives. They were missing so much, not attending any church. They needed to hear the word of God and be with Christian believers and it’s just filled their hearts, lives and homes. God has blessed them richly and they are so thankful they have Christ in their lives.

- Rhonda – She’s had a partial healing and is feeling so much better. One step at a time. There are still places she needs to be touched by the Lord but she’s on her way. She can stand and even stood to worship this morning. She thanks God for all the church mbrs and their prayers and friendship. Especially the Keller family who kept stopping in and ministering to them. She said they have no idea how much their little visits meant and blessed them so much. God is good.

- Tammy – She found a part-time position in Fillmore which is a lot closer for her to go to work. Praise God.

- Frank and Pearl – Their fridge had a bad squeal to it. Pearl said she first anointed the top and prayed over it and it worked for about 3 hrs. Then she anointed the housing over the evaporator coils and motor and again it worked for a little while. And then this last Mon, she felt God was telling her to try again so she had Frank take the motor right off and this time both of them laid hands and prayed – it made perfect sense to them – and there hasn’t been a squeal since.

- Kathy – She wants to thank God for the wonderful relationship she now has with her mother. She didn’t have it when she was growing up as a non-believer. But now, thanks to Him, they talk and laugh like any regular mom and daughter. She said if it wasn’t for Him, it wouldn’t have happened.

Pastor Lorne said God gives us things we ask for because he loves us. Sometimes it’s little things and sometimes it’s big things like a job or healing. God just wants to bless our lives.

Please remember Rhonda and the rest of the people on the prayer list.


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