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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pastor Lorne and Dianne Fly to Australia

Pastor Lorne and Dianne are on their way to Australia. They flew out of Regina at 4 pm today and won’t return until Mar 12.

Pastor Lorne made the announcement in church today by saying they’re going ‘to visit their 4 girls’. The 4 girls in question – Casey, Ashlee, Nicki, Susie are the 4 Australian exchange students Pastor Lorne and Dianne have hosted over the years. The trip will include the eastern side of Australia which is home to Ashlee, Nikki and Suzie, as well as Western Australia to visit Casey.

Please remember Pastor Lorne and Dianne in prayer as they fly across the ocean and back.

While Pastor Lorne is away, Maurice Giroux of Montmartre will deliver the Feb 28th message followed by Dave Hepburn of Whitewood on March 7th.

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