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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Words for Life: My Times are in Your Hands

Dianne Bonk is guest blogging today with her Words for Life column :

This past month we have been given the opportunity to vote. We are fortunate enough to live in a democracy where we have the right to choose our government. Sometimes we feel that we are inundated with all kinds of political views and promises, trying to persuade us to their way of thinking. We have just had our Federal election, and this week we are listening to the results of the American election. We can get caught up in the debate, become strongly emotional over specific issues, or become nonchalant and not give any care to the event. We can have our own opinions, but ultimately the persuasion of political preference we choose will deal with the issues.

So, why bother to vote? It is our right and responsibility to voice our choice. But how can we know whom to choose? And how does my faith in God apply to my vote?

David said in Psalms 31 that he had put his trust in God. He affirmed that God was indeed His God, and that his times are in His hands. When David become King of Israel, he reaffirmed that commitment, and even though he stumbled along the way, God was always near, ready to help him in times of trouble.

Now, how does this apply to us? Well, individually, we can commit our times into God’s hands. And we can choose to pray for the leaders of our governments. In fact, we are encouraged to pray for the leaders of our country. All the complaining in the world will not have as much effect on conditions around us as will a quarter hour of prayer! God is mindful that we are men, that we need his care, and his wisdom.

Religion and Politics? Some say they don’t mix. But, yes they do if we commit our times into God’s hands, pray for our leaders, live lives that are exemplify good values, and affirm that God is in control.

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