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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Senior High Encounter at Eston College

I have a guest blogger today...it's Noelle - Church on the Hill Youth leader:

This past weekend (Feb 28 – Mar 2) Jessica, Samantha M and I attended Senior High Encounter at Eston College.

This is probably the sixth one I've been to since starting the youth group and they keep getting better and better. It was a little bit different this year because they had more guest speakers and musicians instead of just using people from the college. That was good because it gave people a fresh perspective on things. The theme this year was ‘Truth Justice Freedom’.

A lot of the speakers were people who worked for different social justice groups or missions. One speaker, Dan, from Calgary, works for the ‘Jesus Loves You’ Society. They operate a mission in downtown Calgary. He spoke openly and honestly about what it means to reach people and go to where they are, not expect them to come to us. He shared his faith by helping those in need and becoming their friend.

Another speaker, Jamie was a representative for ‘International Justice Mission’. They are a group of Christian lawyers and investigators who work to free slaves - mostly young girls caught in the sex trade. His message really inspired people to live out the verse that tells us to "seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God”. It was truly inspiring.

Another focus of the weekend was hearing God's Voice and finding your own. There were many opportunities for the students to express themselves through art, poetry, dance etc. The gallery was amazing to walk through and see the different talents from woodworking to painting, drawing and writing. They also had a prayer room set up where people were encouraged to spend time during the day. In the room there were different stations to help you focus your prayers and also room to write, draw, or play music. The room was open 24 hours a day and the hope was to have constant prayer going throughout the entire weekend. That goal was accomplished.

I attended part of the youth workers’ seminar which is always so encouraging and a great place to meet with other youth workers. We discussed different issues and watched a DVD about growing the Kingdom, not our church. It was amazing and fit in perfectly with the theme of the weekend. It is so hard to condense a very full and busy weekend into just a few paragraphs. It was a great weekend and gave us all lots to think about.

For more information check out:

Eston College or ‘Encounter Weekend’ at http://www.fgbi.sk.ca/
International Justice Mission at http://www.blogger.com/www.ijm.ca

There are more links on the Eston College website.
I would like to thank Noelle for passing on the information of what our youth experienced in Eston.
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